Respect the (money) jar.

My bank account has often sung to the tune of $2 and not because I was going out for too many brunches or partying too hard or because I just had to get away for the Winter.


Q&A&buttery parsnips.

I’m trying not to feel guilty about missing open mics, taking reruns of Seinfeld over social events, and treating myself. To a box of wine, a grocery run at the organic shop with the nice lighting, and most importantly- a good cry over nothing at all.

Better shape up

This morning, right as my sleeping boyfriend opened his sleepy peepers, I was having a meltdown. A real midday worthy tantrum. I got an email from this rental we’ve been writing back and forth with. In answer to the question “will we be homeless in a month please say no?” They replied, “send us a…… Continue reading Better shape up