Life is good, and the girls are gorgeous.

I’m sorry I missed you last week, dear reader.

I took a whirlwind trip back to my hometown in Winnipeg for my favourite comedy thing that happens. Oddblock is this thurs-sunday festival that’s all about alt comedy in cool venues. It was a major consideration in our moving plans and I’m glad we both got to fly back and perform in it amid all the chaos.

Thank goodness for tax free savings accounts eh? I’m not sure if they’re supposed to function as emergency change jars, but that’s how I use mine.

I shared the stage with some cool performers and had fun visiting my home people. Being in Winnipeg without having to nickel and dime myself was exciting. Hadn’t felt that way in a while, so I took my mom out for breakfast. I guess to most people “not worried about money” would be taking their mom out to buy a new house, but fancy toast is a close second in my books.

It was also one of the more stressful weekends of my life. Since it was near the end of the month and we had nowhere to live, you could say we were preoccupied.

There was a lot to think about. And I discovered that, when facing a challenge, I say things like “I need Starbucks.” I didn’t need to know that about myself. Challenges within challenges. Like Russian nesting dolls for grown ups.

We found a place to live for October and a mysterious stranger hooked us up with a temporary sublet for September. I realize there’s like, 100 stories I could tell based on these few paragraphs, and I hope that I’ll get to them all one day. But I want to focus on a thought I just had.

Feeling approved of is something I feel a little starved for in this city. I knew I was coming to a place where I’d have to work to be recognized as a talent, but there’s so much else to be worthy of here. A job, an apartment, a seat on the subway, looking cool enough to be tended to at an overpriced thrift shop (I don’t.)

In one way, Torontonians are my kind of people. There’s not a lot of small talk, but you could end up talking about grape witches and wine seances with someone you just met.

In another way, Torontonians are distrusting, neurotic, and quick to judge. Everyone gets being new here because everyone’s new here, but try renting a home if you haven’t had a stable Toronto job for a year.

Everyone gets being grass roots and community based, but no one likes if you ask too many questions or want too many details. Just be cool, man, just feel it out.

It kinda reminds me of those friends we all have who will show you a magical time for 6 hours if you happen to cross paths, but making a date to do coffee is nearly impossible.

I equally resent and admire those people. I equally resent and admire this city too. Like, stop building sky scraping condos but wow look at that sky scraping condo.
Onto the noods!



These are a flashback to our old place. I went to cook us some mushrooms, only to find they’d gone moldy in 2 days. It was then I discovered that our fridge was in fact, broken, and I hadn’t noticed, and most of our produce was rotten. I cried and threw a hissy fit and burned the garlic and onions I was browning.

You could say that was a low point. But I did what anyone would do. I made siracha mayo. I fried the fuck out of the bok choy that was still presentable, and I mixed the siracha mayo with the noods. It was fine. It wasn’t great. But I was proud of myself for making it when I was panicking about being able to afford another round of groceries just days after buying the first batch.

Things are so much better now. Now I have time to cry over other stuff, and believe me I’ll find it.


Next on the blog: sneaking on to rooftops and talking to the Germans there.


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